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The Tulsa, OK-based duo, Desi and Cody, describe their second album, “Yes This Is
Killing Us,” as a “dark comedy.” United both through music and matrimony, their latest
collaboration, to be released in June 2018, exposes the perils and triumphs of
relationships. Desi’s seductive voice combined with Cody’s emotive vocals and sweet
harmonies, sonically manifest a refreshing homage to classic 60’s femme fatales with
chamber pop and baroque textures which transform their Okie roots into the realm of
futuristic folk.
Their EPs, Cody’s “Dog Days Comin’” and Desi’s “In the Dead of Summer,” received
positive response, and were followed by their full-length debut, “Desi and Cody”–
launched in 2015 to significant, critical-acclaim. “No Depression” called it “superb” while
The Tulsa Voice” lauded: “there’s no higher praise an album could receive.”
Desi and Cody’s music possesses an inherent irreverence reminiscent of Lynch or
Tarantino movies. They filmed a video for their evocative, sultry version of “Wicked
Game,” combining eye-catching images and mischievous on-the- road antics of the band
in the boondocks to the seediness of Hollywood.


Photo Credit: Henry Diltz

Photo Credit: Henry Diltz

Photo Credit: Rachael Ruffin

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No Depression

January 23, 2015

Tulsa-based duo Desi & Cody are releasing their self-titled debut album August 25th. 

Garrett Cash: How did you guys get together?

Desi: I first met Cody when I was in college. I was listening to the college radio station and I heard him on there, and I thought it was recording, but it turned out to be live.

After Desirae Roses-Clinton and Cody Clinton finished the recording phase of their eponymous debut album, Clinton told me something I didn’t quite understand at the time...

Death, uncertainty and even a nervous breakdown couldn’t stop Desi and Cody Clinton.

It only slowed them down a little.

From writing an album to releasing it this weekend...

After years of work and several starts and stops, Desi & Cody are ready.The husband-and-wife folk/rock duo of Desi Roses-Clinton and Cody Clinton are set to release their full-length album, a process that started in earnest in 2011.

Fuse TV Interview

Dec. 4, 2014

Desi & Cody on Tulsa’s Hip SideFolk-rock couple Desirae Roses and Cody Clinton talk about Leon Russell, lumbersexuals and Oklahoma’s rising hipster community.

Red Dirt Nation

February 23, 2015

Desi & Cody: Perfectly pairedSomeone once said "Marriage should be a duet; when one sings, the other claps.” That’s not quite how things are arranged for Desi & Cody, but I like their way better. Cody Clinton and Desirae Roses’ musical partnership is highlighted by his high level guitar work and her wonderful vocal charm.

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